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Pasta with low glycemic index

Vitaly A. Tarala

The feasibility of non-traditional plant materials in the recipe and technology of pasta production with low glycemic index for dietary therapeutic and dietary prophylactic nutrition, if overweight are reviewed; the analysis and systematization of information about nutritional value and technological characteristics of enriching additives is carried out. Generally accepted methods of research: systematization, analysis, and generalization are used. The objects of research were available domestic and foreign information databases; Internet sources. The review of scientific works of Russian and foreign researchers on the promising worldwide direction of improving the range of pasta products using in the production of non-traditional raw materials is presented. Some ways of expanding the use of the existing raw material base, new formulations, and technologies for the manufacture of pasta using not only cereals, but also legumes, vegetables, fruits, and berries are analyzed. The problems and trends in the pasta industry are identified. The components for the formulation of pasta with a low glycemic index for dietary therapeutic and dietary prophylactic nutrition in excess weight are selected and substantiated. They are spelt, broccoli, spinach, and red cabbage. The study is of theoretical importance, it precedes an experimental part to expand the range and improve the quality of pasta with a low glycemic index.

Keywords: pasta; recipe; glycemic index; spelt; vegetables

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