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December 2014 (published: 23.12.2014)

Number 3(16)

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UDC 534.282

Ecology and calculation of ventilation underground parking

Volkov A.P. , Rykov S.V., Sverdlov A.V.

The benefits ofowning a car depends not only on its technical characteristics, quality of roads, car service level, but also on an inexpensive storage. Today, the presence of indoor or underground parking largely determines the value of the object. Office and shopping centers, residential buildings are equipped with parking lots. The characteristics of the car park and its spaciousness are largely dependent on the value of these objects. Developers to ensure that their objects competitive advantage, seek to maximize efficient use of space car park. In the context of the high cost of urban land that opportunity often provides a device underground parking, usually placed in the basement of the building. The most efficient air distribution system while the system is jet ventilation. The article deals with how to design such covered parking.
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Keywords: underground parking, ventilation systems, emissions from the vehicle.

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