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December 2014 (published: 23.12.2014)

Number 3(16)

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UDC 534.282

Mobile broadband dampers for vibration plate structure

Rykov S.A., Kudryavtseva I.V., Rykov S.V.

Currentlypressing issue is the strip, focused damping of resonance oscillations bulkheads, ceilings, foundations and other similar structures in the range of low and medium frequencies. For this is being actively used different vibration damping coating. In practical use of special coatings for damping resonant vibrations purposefully difficult to increase the effectiveness of damping structures in a given frequency band in the range of low and medium frequencies. Since the mid-80s to mid-90s developed intensively question focused broadband vibration damping structures using mobile dampers - local wedge absorbers (LWA). Sharing the LWAand vibration damping coatings can significantly improve the vibration isolation plate designs. Experimental and theoretical studies have shown high efficiency of the LWAfor broadband vibration-damping foundations. This article describes the theoretical foundations of the LWAfor plate structures. An expression for the estimation of maximum efficiency LWAwhen mounted on the plate design, the analysis of the amplitude-frequency dependence of the loss factor of the plate when you install it on the LWA. The simulation was performed in mathematical package MathCad. On the basis of dependency possible to compare the effectiveness of the LWAwith different impedances.
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Keywords: vibration damper, a local wedge absorber, vehicular equipment, refrigeration equipment.

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