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March 2015 (published: 02.03.2015)

Number 1(17)

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UDC 628.84

Computer simulation of heat and mass transfer in a channel regenerative heat exchanger

Tsygankov A.V., Ryabova T.V. , Aleshin A.E.

It is shownthat the design and choice of modes of operation of the regenerative heat exchanger is necessary to consider the possibility of condensation. To assess the effect of phase transitions in the heat exchanger channels is proposed to use a computer model developed in the environment of the CCM +. Formulated boundary and initial conditions for the problem of two-phase flow heat and mass transfer with variable direction of motion. Methods of forming a grid pattern with the requirements of the model Volume of Fluid (VOF). Shows simulation results obtained according to the temperature and humidity of the regeneration time and accumulation. Make recommendations for improving the model. The results obtained are estimated research and analysis leads to the conclusion about the adequacy of the developed computer models and the possibility of its use in the design of regenerative heat exchangers.
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Keywords: regenerativeheat exchanger, computer modeling, grid model, multiphase flow, condensation, evaporation.

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