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March 2015 (published: 02.03.2015)

Number 1(17)

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Development and testing of cooling spray for sports medicine

Butorina A.V. , Kondrantenko R.O. , Nesterov S.B.

The description of the cooling spray for athletes «Ice wave» (pre-production model) is given. It is developed and produced in the JSC «Vekshinsky  Research Institute of Vacuum Technology». Experimental data are obtained on the temperature distribution on the cooled surface at throttling from the nozzle of 0,1; 0,5; 1 mm in diameter of the propane/butane/ R123 mixture to the temperature level ТО= –33;     –25; –15, –10 °Сused in sport medicine. Rational cooling period for biotissue cryotherapy is obtained – from 3 to 10 minutes – at rapid cooling to 12 ± 20 °C tо3 mm depth. Itis establishedthat  cold penetrates through the skin and produces positive curing effect due to the  enhancing of blood circulation in the damaged area. The description of microcirculation change data at the cooling spray application is given. The total rehabilitation time of  athletes who used cooling spray is reduced by 2–3 times.
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Keywords: sport, sport medicine, cooling spray, cooling by thin layer of boiling gas mixture, experimental data on the temperature distribution, propane/butane/ R123.

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