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March 2015 (published: 02.03.2015)

Number 1(17)

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UDC 621.565.82; 621.564.25; 615.832.96

Flexible capillary porous coverings for local cryotherapy

Kondrantenko R.O. , Nesterov S.B. , Butorina A.V. , Borzenko E.I., Arkharov A.M., Matveev V.A.

Flexible capillary porous coverings have been studied. Measurements on the isotherm dynamics at the tissue depth in vitro or on transparent gel (water + gelatine 2–4 %)are made. Its surface is cooled by various cold sources using sensitive infrared thermograph. These measurements  show satisfactory agreement with the calculation results. It is appropriate to use the jet of  propane/butane mixture (40/60% mole) by local cryotherapy alongside with capillary porous covering on the latex substrate 0,5 – 2,5 cm thick, 6,5–12 cm in diameter – it is convenient and available at the market. The covering is soaked with this mixture during 10 seconds – this provides  rational cryotherapeutic biotissue cooling 3–6 minutes - and more rapid  cooling in comparison to melting ice package. 1 cm3 of this material contains up to 15000 air micropores.  The air volume in them is 85 % from the whole volume of expanded rubber, average pore radius is R = 0,1 mm.
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Keywords: cryotherapy, flexible capillary porous coverings, cooling spray, cooling by thin film of boiling gas jet, propane/butane/R123, biotissue.

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