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March 2015 (published: 02.03.2015)

Number 1(17)

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UDC 621.56

Modern heat exchanging devices in low-temperature technology and processing industries

Malyshev A.A., Mamchenko V.O., Mizin V. , Kisser K.V.

Heat exchanging devices to a great extent determine weight and size and  energy indicators of refrigeration equipment. Thus, the total mass of the evaporator and condenser is 50 ÷ 70% of the total mass of vapor compression refrigerating machine, and heat-refrigerating machines reaches 90%. Irreversible losses energy caused by due to heat transfer at finite temperature differences in the apparatus is 30 ÷ 50% of the total energy consumption of refrigeration equipment. Significant losses energy caused by also overcoming resistance when driving liquid and gaseous the workers media in the apparatus. All of the above determines the need to find the most optimal designs of the heat transfer equipment for refrigeration and modes of operation. The authors analyzed the constructions and thermal performances of modern heat exchangers used as evaporators and condensers of refrigerating machines, and consider some of them, according to the authors, the most promising.
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Keywords: shell-and-tube heat transfer apparatus; intra pipe boiling; thermolysis coefficient; plate type evaporator and condenser; boiling in small channels, boiling in mini- and micro channels.

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