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September 2015 (published: 14.09.2015)

Number 3(19)

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UDC 536.71

The line of phase equilibrium of refrigerant R134a

Kudryavtseva I.V. , Karpov G.A. , Selina E.G., Ustyuzhanin E.E.

The model of phase equilibrium line of refrigerant R134a, in which the behavior of the diameter of the curved lines of the saturation determined by the critical index of the saturation line (Yang-Yang), but not the critical index isochoric heat capacity (model Wegner). It is shown that the suggested system of equations transmits both the elasticity line and the saturation line R134a refrigerant with a small error in the temperature range from the triple point to critical. A comparison with experimental and tabular information on the equilibrium properties of the refrigerant R134a: pressure on the line of elasticity, density vapor and liquid phase equilibrium lines of the branches. The proposed article model can be used as a reference curve for the construction of scale and wide-range equations of state.
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Keywords: elastic line, saturation line, R134a, critical exponents, the curved diameter.

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