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June 2016 (published: 06.06.2016)

Number 2(22)

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UDC 536.71

To a question of maintenance of necessary diameter of a site of a well in the thermal way

Dmitriyev A.N. , Zimina Dina V.

The final stage of work carried out in the borehole 5G after uncovering its subglacial Lake Vostok is the freezing of lake water to climb into the borehole to a certain height which meant the drilling technology. Further drilling is carried out repeated for receipt ice core. This clean technology doesn’t disturb the ecology of the subglacial lake. For the successful use of developed technology of uncovering subglacial Lake Vostok, it’s necessary to predict the dynamics of time freezing of lake water in the borehole. In consideration of complexity of the experimental study of the problem it’s possible to undertake a theoretical study process of water freezing in the near-contact of the borehole to the lake. This article provides information on the technology of maintaining in operant condition discharge of borehole in the subglacial lake in the course of its investigation. The considered questions associated with securing of the required diameter and temperature requirements of borehole near the ice-water interface (borehole-lake).
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Keywords: Antarctica, deep drilling, ice massif, ice core, borehole, uncovering, lake water, heat exchange, subglacial Lake Vostok.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1148-2016-9-2-1-5

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