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September 2016 (published: 30.09.2016)

Number 3(23)

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UDC 629.4.048

Technique of assessment of power efficiency of mobile air conditioning systems

A.L.Yemelyanov, Kiselyov I.G. , Priymin V.P.

The existing methods of energy efficiency evaluation are analyzed here, including the Specifications of the Union of German engineering plants VDMA 24247 and VDMA 24248, and Russian methods. Through considering it results the new method is offered. The new method notes specific features transport HVAC systems, especially applied on railway rolling stock. The base of new method founds at comparison real the rmodynamical cycle of cooling machine / heat pump with standard Carnot cycle. Energetical losses from using liquid heating system, worked together with heat pump at low outdoors temperatures, are incorporated too. The energy efficiency assessment of passenger car air conditioner МАБ-II, designed and applied at passenger cars, built on Amendorf plant, Germany, and up-to-date monoblock climatic system КАТ2-4, produced by «DoKonSpB» company, was done by using existing and offering methods. Big temperature differences and applying an out of date type of cooling compressor (piston compressor) significantly decrease an overall level of energy efficiency of the unit.
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Keywords: energy efficiency, cooling machines, heat pump, energy efficiency assessment, railway transport, HVAC passenger car system, VDMA regulations.

DOI 10.17586/2310-1148-2016-9-3-5-12

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