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2014 (published: 11.02.2014)

Number 1(14)

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UDC 544.03

Calculating thermal properties of helium at the saturation line with higher accuracy

Andrei V. Zaitsev, Kudashov V.N. , Kudashova N.V.

Increased requirements to the accuracy of thermophysical properties determination of substances in computer calculations of various processes and devices assume the necessity of choosing the corresponding calculation procedures. As a result of the comparative analysis of various techniques there is developed Fortran program of thermophysical properties calculation of helium-4 in gaseous and liquid states on the saturation line, based on the reliable empirical equations. The values of entropy and enthalpy for liquid and gaseous helium on the saturation line are found. Comparative results of thermophysical properties calculations of helium are given. It is shown that the received results are coordinated with standard magnitudes up to the fifth sign. The technique represented and the program developed can be used in the automated calculations and in designing various cryogenic equipment, including the case when using other cryogenic liquids.
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Keywords: thermal properties, helium, phase balance, algorithm, calculation

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