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December 2015 (published: 10.12.2015)

Number 4(20)

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Kyoto Protocol and environmentally acceptable Synthetic halocarbon refrigerants Tsvetkov O. B., Aleksandr V. Baranenko, Laptev Yu.A. , Sapozhnikov S.Z. , Fedorov Alexander V. , Kushnerov A.B.

pp. 1-8

On the formation of the gradient temperature fields in the spark plasma sintering process Lev P. Bulat, Novotelnova Anna V. , Tukmakova A.S. , Yerezhep D.E. , Oprya К.А.

pp. 9-17

The analysis of process of grain formation of carbon dioxide in flowing a chastitsentrostremitelny turbodetander Danilov M.M.

pp. 18-23

To a question on the possibility and advisability of maintaining temperature and humidity in one of two air-conditioned rooms Kochenkov N.V. , Kochenkov V.N.

pp. 24-34

Advanced screw refrigerant dry screw compressor Pronin V.A., Il'ina Tamara E.

pp. 35-39

Condition of researches in the field of studying of processes of condensation in channels of the small sizes Krupenenkov N.F., Filatov A.S.

pp. 40-45

Development of the card of the modes of boiling of R134a, R12, R22, NH3, air-and-water mixes and water in channels with a diameter of 6 mm Aleksandr A. Malyshev, Kisser K.V.

pp. 46-51

Deformations and tension in plates of the tape valve Molodova Yu. I., Priluzkii A. A., Shabanov G.U., Galyaev P.O.

pp. 52-57

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